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"I need to say that Steffanie and I are absolutely delighted with your service, you sold our boat in three weeks... We will of course recommend you highly to anyone." Charlie. Tartan 37.

You might think that the more brokers you have advertising your boat, the more buyers will be interested. In reality though, the reverse is the case: no-one wants to put the work in if another broker might get the sale. That’s why we prefer to work on an exclusive basis rather than ‘multi-listing’ with other brokers (although we're happy to 'conjunct' with them). We are motivated to work harder because we know our effort will be rewarded, and you get a quicker result and a better price.

No-one likes paying commission, but we have to eat! We charge you nothing until your boat is sold - we cover all the advertising and marketing expenses - and because we work exclusively we can offer realistic commission rates in return.

We do all our marketing ‘in house’, including every aspect of creating and maintaining this website. This gives us tremendous flexibility in creative content, Google visibility, and up-to-date information. As far we know, we're the only broker in Australia able to offer this.
We maintain a state-of-the-art database of buyers, sellers and lookers, and we use it to match qualified leads to suitable vessels.

"Thank you so much for handling the sale of Ares. You were incredibly efficient and it was a great pleasure to get to know you and Ruth. We're both very pleased you were recommended to us. Thanks for making everything so easy for us."
Peter / Meryon. Dynamique 47

Taking the best photos in the business is not just about having a fancy camera, it’s about knowing how to use it, and about taking the time to optimise the images prior to publication. Great photos encourage buyers to pick up the phone to find out more - and that’s what we want.

The art of negotiating is not something most boat owners are skilled at. But we've been perfecting it for years, and we can often structure a deal in creative ways to reach an outcome that a private seller couldn’t achieve. We prevent small obstacles becoming insurmountable problems.

Once we’ve found the buyer, we prepare the maze of necessary paperwork and we make sure all aspects of a deal are appropriately concluded. We maintain a short list of accredited marine surveyors to help you determine the condition of the vessel, and we arrange the haul-out or launch and sea trial.

"Thank you very much for the sale of Makroro. I very much appreciated your perseverance, and skill (eg sailing back in after an engine fail!) throughout. Thanks for keeping me up to date through it all. Especially with me and the eventual buyer being out of state."
Nick. Westsail 32

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