Cruising around the world? Not me...

A massive area of the Indian Ocean should be considered very dangerous indeed - far, far more so than was the case even last year. 

The danger area now stretches from the Gulf of Aden down to the Seychelles, 650 miles south (this where Paul and Rachel Chandler were captured in 2009) but also east to the Maldives and Laccadive Islands, which are some 1,400 miles from Somalia.

That’s as far away as, say, Turkey or Libya is from London.

Unbelievably we are talking about a high risk area stretching over 1.4 million square nautical miles.

If I were contemplating a cruise back to Europe from the Far East, I wouldn’t even think of the Red Sea, which can be a pretty horrible sailing experience in itself. I’d be looking at taking the longer route round the Cape of Good Hope, or even shipping my boat back.

But both of those options have some potentially big disadvantages.