The Robert Clark classic ‘Safona’ under sail - and for sale!

Congratulations to Kerry and Katrina who have just become the proud owners of Mike Moyer’s work of art! A really lovely Alajuela 48 that we sold within a few weeks of coming on the market. Sail us another one over from California, Michael!

Here’s a video we made in-house to show off our own boat - which sold within a few weeks of being seriously on the market. Just goes to show how a little imagination, flair and humour can turn ‘for sale’ into 'SOLD’. 

All the nice girls love…

Sunbaking - O so 20th century! Actually this is a highly technical ‘how to’ shot showing how to wrap your bottle screws and stretch our your jack stay. At least, I *think* that’s what I meant to say…!

Sailing on a budget

If you’ve ever wanted to ‘live the dream’, but thought you couldn’t afford it, then listen up! If you have a little spare cash, but not a lot of it, due to family commitments or work or whatever, then the emphasis needs to be on quality and reliability over newness. In car terms, we would all like the Mercedes, but the Toyota is all we can afford, and guess what - you can cruise exactly the same places as you can in the Mercedes. The view is the same from the cockpit of a sturdy little sloop as it is from that massive ketch.

Age is your friend. A well-found older vessel like one of these, will save you thousands of dollars, and you won’t believe what can come with an older vessel. For example, this Roberts 28 we have listed is extremely well equipped and can be yours for not much money. ’Peregrin’ has been the pride and joy of her owner for many years, and she has thousands of miles and hundreds of yarns under he keel. But the Captain is simply to unwell to continue at the helm, and the boat is stored in his backyard close to Moreton Bay, and with a little effort can be floating again, ready for adventure.


Peregrin has loads of kit, shiny new paintwork, and an engine that looks like new. Plus she recently flew through an out of water survey with no issues. To have her back in the water, re-rigged and ready to go will allow you change out of $5,000, so make us an offer and for a little over $15k you’ll have a pocket cruiser ready to take you anywhere!

UPDATE - June 2015. Peregrin is now back in the water and being restored to her former glory by her new loving owner. Fair winds and calm seas to you Mark!!!

SERICA - 75’ steel ketch, now sold! Well done Adam and Paul, you scored yourself a fine yacht at a reasonable price. CYS succeeded where other brokers have failed - have a cigar Matt!

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